Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

ALL sales come with a 7 day guarntee. We do our best to explain any issues and to represent the item. However from time to time we will miss a issue with the item. We will guarntee the item at that time. All items must be sold in the same condition it was sold as. We are not responsible for customer miss use of product. 

DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE UNABLE PAY FOR YOUR ITEM(S). Your credit card on file will be immediately charged upon the close of auction and a “paid in full” invoice will be emailed to your address on file. Items will be prepared for Local Store Pickup. Please see the local pickup guidelines for further information.


Please refer to all Pictures for item condition and item details. We do offer a 7 day guarntee on all items we miss represent. We take no responsiablity for customer miss use of a item, We do not guarntee any manufactor warranty on any item. When you bid you are assuming all risk that you know how to probably use and handle the item and if item breaks under your care, you understand we will not refund this item. All Charge backs will be denied under these conditions.  


From time to time, an incorrect picture may be associated with an item listed for auction. If an item description does not match the item, this does follow under the 7 day guarntee. You have 7 days to let us know by email support@binmania.com or contact the Heath Ohio store. Faliure to do so in 7 days will void and responbility Bin Mania holds. 


Each prospective bidder must first register at Binmaniaauctions.com as a user to place a bid on an item. By placing a bid, the bidder agrees to these Terms and Conditions. Before placing bids, please review all auction details before submission, as Binmaniaauctions.com will not edit or delete bids after they have been submitted.


Binmaniaauctions.com uses a sytematic auction closing on all auction items. An items closing time may be extended if a bid is placed within 30 seconds from the time of it's closing. The length of the extension will be 30 seconds from the point at which the bid was made. This is designed and utilized to prevent what is commonly known as "sniping".


All winnning bids will include a 10% buyers premium. After each auction has ended, the Purchaser's credit card(s) on file will be charged and a "paid in full" invoice will be sent via email. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Credit cards will automatically be charged at the end of the auction unless otherwise specified under auction details. Bidders must have available funds on their credit card, or bidder will incur a loss of bidding privileges.


If you win an auction you will receive an invoice immediately following the event. ITEMS MUST BE PICKED UP IN THE WINNING BIN MANIA LOCATION DURING NORMAL HOURS.


Once an item is won, bidders will have SEVEN days to retrieve the item from the Heath Ohio Bin Mania. If the item is still in-house after its removal date of SEVEN days it will be considered ABANDONED. If an item is considered abandoned it is then re-entered into a future auction with NO REFUND.

If a bidder’s credit card on file is declined, bidding privileges may be revoked. In addition, BinManiaauctions.com reserves the right to revoke bidding privileges at any time, if a bidder is found to be in violation of these Terms and Condition.

RIGHTS RESERVED by Binmaniaauctions.com

BinManiaauctions.com reserves the right to end, delay, or extend the length of any auction, or time of pick-up, for any reason, at any time. In addition, any item may be removed from the online auction at any time, without warning. Binmaniaauctions.com also reserves the right to refuse sale, at any time, before payment is made.